Do you know what you’re doing? NO YOU DON’T SO PLEASE STOP…

Please do not send me Facebook messages just because I reactivated my account saying hope all is well and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

You see me at work everyday and you don’t say shit, you have my number and can’t call or text, and the last time we texted I told you not to talk to me unless you had the balls to come and discuss the issue face to face.

So I will leave that pointless cowardly message as read and unresponded to so maybe you will take the hint to please act as if I no longer exist because that is what I’m trying to do with you.

It was so easy to love you. When we laid I fit perfectly into your nooks and crannies. We formed into each other, we were one. Your tenderous and understanding ways, the way you looked at me like no one else. I understood and got you like no one before. You were made to fit perfectly into my arms and your lips were made to warm my forehead every night.
But everything is gone now and I wish you would disappear into thin air, I wish you did not exist. The sound of your voice eats me up inside, I use to crave to hear it. I use to think no matter what I would always wish you well in your life. But I can’t, I don’t wish to know about anythhing about you. I want to cut this part out of my life. Remove the utmost highs you gave me to cancel out this drowing low.


THE PERFECTION THAT IS THIS VIDEO, that is the whole EP. Rihanna may always be my Piscean soulmate/wife, but Jhene Aiko is my Piscean twin. Her words are literally all the thoughts in my head.